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11 Ideas on how to style your lingerie for Halloween

It’s that time of year again and for those who like to dress up at Halloween, I have prepared a few exquisite ideas for you to think about. If there is one lingerie item I absolutely love for dress up, it is the corset. Not everyone likes to wear a corset so my list is not exhaustive but if you are looking for something with a little more elegance and exclusivity then you are in the right place to help style for your lingerie for Halloween.

  1. A burlesque clown has this “je ne sais quoi” feel as oppose to the traditional clown and for those who are good with hair and make-up then the boundaries can really be pushed to present the look with style. For this Halloween costume idea, a simple black corset combined with a net tutu skirt and matching neck ruffle with some fishnet tights is really quite a simple combination. A little play with the choice of colours against the black corset matched with the hair and make-up is all that is needed. Even adding a bowler hat depending on the overall style can complete a desirable look.

Beautiful woman trainer in a circus suit

2. A circus trainer is similar to the first option as the black corset can be worn combined with shorts, a tight black mini skirt, beige tights and thigh high boots. Alternatively, a long black pencil skirt or trousers with heels is also great for this style. Add a red jacket and bowler hat to complete the look and it that’s simple.

3. Not everyone likes a red, bold look as the circus trainer, so to soften the previous style into a vintage look could be easily be done by switching the red jacket to a beige jacket with matching vintage shoes and lots of pearls for accessories. This would look great with the black corset and shorts and not to forget the top hat to finish off the costume. There are no limits with this one, for preferences towards bodysuits there is a beige shape wear which would work well with a black jacket.Vintage look

4. You can’t have a Halloween party without a dead bride turning up and what better way to dress up in a white corset with a long white skirt. Just add gothic make-up and hair and this costume is simple and fast to achieve. Alternatively, if you like face painting, switch up your colour choice for the corset and skirt and go for a ‘Muerta’ look with a simple hair style.

5. If you don’t want to be a bride, jazzing up a white corset into an angel costume is loads of fun. Add a white tutu skirt and some wings, finished off with a great pair of tights and heels and that’s it for a night of magic.

6. As the opposite of nice, a little devil is a horny idea and cannot be a missed opportunity for a Halloween costume. Choose the red corset and pair it with a black or red skirt with some super sensual stockings. Don’t forget the horns and the little devil is ready to go out and play.

7. There is something irresistible about a pirate and for this super idea the jacquard corset over a white pirate shirt is a perfect combination. How the lower part is styled is completely reliant on taste and flamboyancy but the options are not limited. Trousers, long or short skirts, full or frill skirts any choice will make a great match for this Halloween costume idea. Alternatively, for something really quick and simple, a black waist cincher over a white top with black faux leather trouser and a pair of boots will do.

Pirate Girl Attack

8. Has anyone ever been to a Halloween party and not met a witch? Just add a black skirt to any style of black corset and all there is left to add is the hat and a broomstick to go.

9.Don’t cross paths with a black cat on Halloween and for this idea a black cat suit and mask is the easiest combination and with not much dressing time required. Great for those with a tight schedule who may need a quick fix.

10. Don’t fancy being the cat this year? Spice it up with a bunny suit instead. Match up the short cat suit with a bow choker and gloves and all that’s left to add is a tail and ears. Another ready to go outfit that’s quick to change into.    black cat suit

11. For those really want something ready made with no fuss, there is the Eve chemise in Red, White, Purple and Gold. These chemises could also make a fun costume for a private affair or night out with friends and since there are different colours available there are a variety of options to turn your lingerie into a Halloween costume. These chemises could make a great dress up featuring as a doll, little red riding hood, a bride, a she devil, a zombie, a vampire, a fairy or a clown. There is no real limit with this final idea, it is fairly open for anyone to come to a conclusion on what is possible, so use your imagination and ignite some fantasy this Halloween.

The best part about dressing up is the make-up and hair, a costume is not complete without it and deciding on colours and style of dress will help determine how you do your hair and make-up to match the over all look. For those who are invited to private parties or special events, having a face painting session or adding colours into your hair to turn your glamour into something chic, deadly or gothic is just as exciting as the dressing up part. So go on, have a think about some characters you would like to play and treat yourself to something special and don’t forget to accessorize with masks, gloves or chokers. Form some of your own ideas for lingerie as outer wear and have a spooky Halloween costume.

Please stay in touch and do tell us how you decided to combine your lingerie as a Halloween costume or even share your photos on instagram with us @milliewonders_lingerie, we would love to see your costumes this year. Here’s to a Happy Halloween 2019!

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