Millie Wonders Blog Blog I went from C cup to E cup without surgery! Read on to find out more about MillieWonder's story;

I went from C cup to E cup without surgery! Read on to find out more about MillieWonder’s story;

Up close and Personal. Why I do Me.

This is probably one of the bravest things I’ve ever done, my first public post… A virgin blogger is born! So, why? Why the heck am I writing? Well, for one, I want people to know more about MillieWonders and that there is a sign of life behind the internet wall. Most of this blog is my own personal opinion/experience and so I need to warn you that I am not giving advice I am just bearing a little piece of my soul. You may agree with me or you may not and that’s just fine, we are all different. How did I end up here? It wasn’t an easy ride, the truth is MillieWonders was really born a long time ago, it just took her a while find the courage to get out here and do her stuff. What happened? Long story! But I’ll give you a glimpse.

C Cup Bra

When I was in my teens I had obviously been fitted at some point and my magic figure came to be a 36C. It made sense because the tape measure was right to suggest my band size and logically my boobs were very full but not to the extent that I would want to be on the cover of a magazine. When I am reminded of C cups I automatically think of my boobs, if I tried a cup size smaller it would be too tight and if I tried a cup size larger, I would cry my eyes out of the thought of needing padding or chicken fillets to fill it out. So, from my teens I had built this logic around the anatomy of my breasts and could not even consider anything other than a 36C.  I applied this logic in every lingerie store I went to and how wrong was I to do so.

Push Up Bra

Back in the day I was a big push up bra fan. I loved them as I had the right size breasts to fit in a C cup to get that perfect full roundness and cleavage. It was a.. “Well… Hey there ” cleavage which was a trendy thing to do back then. But alas that fad passed not because the push up bra is no longer available but because maturity was telling me I needed less of the cleavage (I signed the deal when I got married) and more of the “give me a comfortable but sexy bra that I can wear all day long without getting irritated.” I followed the same logic around my magic figure of a bra size with other styles of bras and I found that there were some shops not suitable for me and I would cry in the changing room thinking that I am just not like the models advertising their range and therefore I cannot shop there. Eventually, I worked out which shops were good for a 36C and which shops to avoid. Big mistake!

Maternity Bra versus Sports Bras

After this era, I became more of a human extraction machine. I was pregnant and gave birth to, not just one, but three beautiful children, one after the other. During this stage, I refused to wear maternity bras! I was a young mum in my early twenties and did not want to wear a bra that my grandmother would have picked! And why do I need breast pads?? That’s another hilarious story I’ll save for another day or PM me and I’ll explain. Maternity bras were not attractive or at least I could not find an appealing maternity bra. Also, given that I had extreme difficulties with breast feeding, I did not require a maternity bra for long. During this stage I found sports bras to be a great alternative as they were a soft and supportive style bra which also gave me room to grow. I had a few sizes and would swap and change when needed. But at least with a sports bra I could still feel youthful.

Changes not just in my breast size

The biggest changes I have experienced in my life are during my child bearing years. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Giving birth and raising children has been the most loving and joyful experience I have ever had, nothing has come close to that feeling of being a mother and I am grateful to my children for still being part of my life, through all our disagreements, hormonal imbalances and ‘’please do not push my stress button moments.’’ I can openly say I am not the person I was in my twenties and neither is my body or my boobs! Despite not being the image I used to be and wish I still had, I am much more confident within myself and a stronger person at this stage of my life.

The Wrong Bra Size

So, WHY on earth, did I continue to think I was a 36C bra size??!! After my body seemed to go back to its normal state post pregnancy? It all happened when I was in a rush and I accidently picked the wrong bra size. But I realised that day that I could fit more comfortably with a smaller band size even though my ‘normal’ cup size was tight. Did you hear that? I did not use a tape measure to check my band size! If I were to use a tape measure to check my bra size I would still think I am at least a 34 band size and that’s with forcing the damn tape measure to close on a smaller size. This was unbelievable since I am bigger now than I was in my teens. I checked again the band size I had picked up that day and then thought to try the same band size in bigger cup sizes and to my amazement I found a size that was very comfortable with! However, logic overcame me and I could not possibly be a 32E as I am not the type of person who could be on the cover of a magazine and maybe the shop has got it wrong during manufacturing stage or the label was faulty! All the ifs and buts came flooding into my head and I was too embarrassed to ask for assistance because I was in a big department store and all the girls seemed busy and I could not fathom the conversation about “I think there is something wrong with your bra sizes because it would be insane to assume that my boobs have gone crazy today.”

Bra Fitting and why you should have them

I waited till my next vacation to the UK and the first thing I did was book an appointment with a bra fitting service and lingerie consultant. That was the day my actual breast size was confirmed but that was also the day my passion for lingerie became reality. I could go into any shop or look at any brand with an understanding of what could fit me. I let go of the standard I had in my head pertaining to my breast size. I learnt about how different bra styles can suit different breast shapes and how bras are manufactured so I could also pick the styles to suit me and the styles to avoid as I had a better understanding of breast shapes. And why is lingerie expensive? I have a good understanding between why we have cheap bras and expensive bras but most importantly I know, for myself, a good bra from a bad bra. My consultant helped me in so many ways that she had inspired me to get trained in bra fitting and lingerie consultation and I became obsessed with the whole lingerie industry. If you are still reading this and you can’t wait to take your bra off at the end of the day, please contact millie@milliewonders.com and we can help you with bra fitting and guide you into the correct bra size for our brands. I can also provide you with a range of bra sizes that you may need for different brands or those moments when you find a bra you really like but did not find the size. There are so many alternatives available to us and the lingerie industry just keeps on producing more exciting collections. As the lingerie fashion trends just keep on tantalising our senses through social media, I am not surprised it has us all confused at times. MillieWonders may be an online retail store but we pride ourselves on customer service and we are just phone call away and happy to chat about your needs. We believe everyone can find lingerie that’s a perfect fit.

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