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In this blog I want to let loose a little about some trends you might have seen popping up in shops, magazines and catalogues during the Autumn/Winter Season 2018/19. As most of you may know I spent some time in Paris last year. I like to travel, but not all for fun, I do combine my travel with work. What took me to Paris was an invite to an event in the lingerie and swimwear industry. The year before I went to a similar event in the UK and it was nice to see some familiar faces in Paris but more importantly it is an experience to see as many lingerie and swimwear brands under one roof for a preview of their collections for the following season. (Between us, this years’ swimwear is going to be quite stimulating!).

Lingerie Collections

I come across a lot of lingerie collections whether through research, networking, events or just browsing in my own personal time and it’s not until you learn about how lingerie is made that you finally start to appreciate it more and truly understand the expense that goes into making good underwear. Every collection I see has something ‘’special’’ that tells a story about who they are and what they do and who they want to attract. I take notice of this and I like to show some support especially if I see something innovative. What I do notice are themes and use of colours, materials and styles that are not exactly replicated by brands but used in their own way so not to lose their own personality.

Colours for Lingerie in 2018/19

It was really hard to pin point just one colour in Autumn/Winter but colours in their muted tones were definitely trending in the lingerie department. If you think about themes that are mystical or spiritual and you will find a colour that echoes that feeling of tranquility and beauty. This particular theme draws me into muted shades of blue, violet, grey/ecru, pale pinks and nudes with an added touch of white. Think sea, sea creatures, mists, foam, baths…

On the other side of the spectrum, there were also earthy colours in their natural tones mimicking a fairy tale of pixies in the garden and this will create a feeling of nature and cheekiness. Think about shades of brown and hues of gold and ochre, khaki and olive and ceramic reds. This theme ties in well with Christmas Season, it makes me think of tradition and fun times, the good and evil in a story telling adventure.

Fabrics and Styles in 2018/19

The ever so popular bralette will still be around but with more variation, so think bralette with thinker bands and soft bras with longer lines made of delicate lace. Eyelash lace will still be apparent especially on sexier styled lingerie and intimate apparel. Stemming from the idea of thicker bands also comes into play the half corset bras, and I keep seeing these with floral patterns! These thicker bands also replicate more sporty themes and for comfort wearing and will also become apparent with knickers as with high waisted briefs. This theme will also spill into the cathedral styled bras for an added touch of glamour and retro style. As for laces, there is less of the floral lace and more of the geometric styled lace and patterns and definitely more embroidery. Think geometry, snakeskin and camouflage.

Fabric Cuts in 2018/2019

I haven’t been a fan of the contour bra for some time now and that is mainly because I just don’t feel they suit my breast shape for a nice comfortable fit. So I am really happy to see that the cut and sewn bra is having a comeback. I’ve been wearing soft cup bras for a long time now and I can honestly say your nipples can remain safe and not to worry about them showing through! A cut sewn bra does not have to be in a traditional soft cup variation, you may still find balcony bras and plunge bras that are cut and sewn. One of the benefits of a cut and sewn bra is that the angles can create a better shape for your breast tissue to naturally fit into the cup as opposed to the contour bra which only allows for the one mould and hence a one rounded shape. Also the cut and sewn bra can provide better support for your girls. The moulded bra- is what you see – is what you get and whilst they are perfect choice for a T-shirt bra, you’re not going to get much more out of them. The best part of a cut and sewn bra is the use of fabrics and creativity that goes with the production. Any lingerie fan will appreciate the creativity of bra making.

Next Season?

That sums up my refresh of last Season, so what is happening now? I’ll leave that for my next blog. If you enjoyed reading my lingerie trends for last Season and want to read more about upcoming trends, news and stories, please subscribe to our newsletter and be first to find out more.

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