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Shahrad lingerie design

Shahrad Malekfazeli – On art, design and how to choose lingerie

Today’s Guest blog is a Q&A talk with Shahrad Malekfazeli, a talented artist and lingerie designer whose projects are very inspiring for me to watch. For those of you interested in art, you may view Shahrad’s artwork here. Art has always been a passion of mine, so when I come across artists I am very enthusiastic to learn more about them and their motivations. Shahrad’s artwork has a gentleness about them and I am able to immediately connect with them. For me art is not only about technique but the ability to transfer a feeling or emotion to the beholder, like a unique experience. Stemming from Shahrad’s passion with art, he is also designing lingerie, magnificently adding a Persian influence to his pieces. You may view more designs here. Apart from learning a little more about Shahrad’s work, I am able to delve into his experience and seek his point of view on how to buy lingerie for a partner.

Your drawings and paintings are very realistic and they capture an essence of life. How were you inspired to become an artist?

In fact, it was not a choice. I started painting in my early childhood. I used to draw and paint everywhere. My parents detected my talent and enthusiasm toward art and provided everything for my growth until I attended the classes of a true Master and was trained to become a professional artist. 15 years ago I established my own studio where I teach classical and contemporary realism to more than a hundred students. I also exhibit my works internationally. Art is my life.

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You also draw nudes and design lingerie, the illustrations I’ve seen have a feminine and sensual quality to them, are you influenced by anyone or anything in particular?

You see, I adore women. I believe that women are nature’s ultimate signature. I enjoy their movements, their structures and their spirit. Most of my students are female. I have been around women most of my life. On the other hand I’m a man and my sexual desires toward them is inevitable. Nothing is more enjoyable than watching a woman in lingerie. To me, it’s a mixture of art, beauty, sensuality and feminine spirituality. As I always say nudity is pure divinity. I have been drawing nudes and undergarments since many years ago, but one day I decided to take it to the next level. Then I conceived an idea of designing a collection inspired by Persian monuments and textiles. No one has ever done it before. So, I started to illustrate and design lingerie relying on my own artistic style and experiences.

 I can’t wait to see your ideas blossom, apart from the artistic aspect when choosing lingerie how important do you think it is for men to understand a partner’s body in order to be able to buy the right set of lingerie?

 I always say when your partner feels confident and comfortable in her lingerie it directly impacts you as well. It’s very important for a man to understand his partner’s body because it is not merely physical but also spiritual. And both play an important role in a healthy relationship. Once she feels great, you feel great. 

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I can certainly relate to that, I am at my happiest when I am confident within myself and that exudes onto others. However, when choosing lingerie, it can be hard for men to tell the difference between what they really want and what may in reality suit his partner, how can men combat the difference in order to choose lingerie for a partner and not for himself?

We all know that men are visual. Rather than our partners’ attitude and charm which attract us, most of us starve for our loved one’s appearance especially when it comes to intimate moments. But, above all stands our partner’s personal styles and comfort. I remember once my girlfriend and I went to a lingerie store. We both chose some styles. There was this great set that I liked a lot but her skin was irritant to its material. And of course her comfort was my priority. After searching for quite some time, we finally agreed on a stylish and sexy set that met our expectations. Win, win! I think among this vast ocean of products it’s very likely to find something that both partners enjoy and love. And I think most men can get an insight about their partner’s style.

Sizing has always been an issue for women and, as an example, there are women who wear the wrong size bra, how can a man approach his partner about sizing without disrupting the equilibrium?

Well I think the most difficult part is the bra, because knickers’ sizes along with gowns and other lingerie pieces are classified as S, M, L and so on. Even garter belts follow the same rule. But, choosing a right bra size is quite challenging. As you put it yourself women themselves make mistakes about their bra sizes let alone men. In my opinion, using a simple equation that nowadays are easily accessible on the net is the most practical solution to this problem. Anyone can use it and find their right size.

I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and I am sure I am not the only one, if a partner bought me lingerie I would expect something a little more than just receiving a gift, what would be a perfect scenario to give lingerie in a way so that it would be appreciated?

I’m a romantic too. I always want my special occasion to turn a cinematic face. I don’t want to just buy her a gift, I want it to be an unforgettable experience for her.  Having to witness that glowing flash on our partners’s eyes along with that lovely smile is something no man wants to miss. The most common rule is to accompany it with a romantic bouquet. Flower is as tender as your loved one. But, sometimes it’s not enough. If you find your partner unique you must find a unique way to express your love or desire. I’m not going to generalize anything but to me being creative is as important as being alive. Gifts and flowers are always attractive but attitude wins the race eventually.

Shahrad lady with flowers

I would certainly like to see more chivalry amongst individuals. Thank you so much for your insight, it was a pleasure talking to you and I wish you success with your artwork and lingerie designs. I am hopeful that you will reach your goals.

For those of you in Spain this year don’t miss this prestigious event which showcases international celebrated artists’ works, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Artelibre Gallery.
First exposition opening: Bantiera palace. March 7, 2019. 7pm. Zaragoza, Spain.
The second exposition will take place in Meam museum, Barcelona. July – September, 2019. Opening night: July 12.

Painting of woman

For those of you who would like to view Shahrad Malekfazeli lingerie designs on Instagram, you can view them here. To view more artwork on Instgram please click here. 

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