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Valentines Lingerie

How to style lingerie this Valentine’s Day to match the latest fashion trends!

It’s that time year again which we either love or loathe depending on our circumstances, however we do not need to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day, sometimes a little self-love is just as good if not better. Therefore, whether you have a date night, weekend away, night in or a night out with friends, there are Valentines lingerie for any event and this year what better way to treat yourself with something special that can be styled according to the latest fashion trends. Yes, that’s right, whilst keeping an eye on the catwalks, there are few fashion trends that can be translated into a great lingerie wardrobe. So, what is going to be hot in 2020?

Latex LingerieLeather – designers have been showcasing this fabric in a number of colours in the form of skirts, tops, dresses, jackets, trousers and what better way to show off your curves and be bang on trend with some faux leather lingerie. For those who do not like animal products but want to sport the wet look there are also latex and vinyl products which can be crafted into a stunning style for a night out on the town. Combine a latex lingerie set with a sheer lingerie body and just add a skirt or trousers for a sophisticated yet sensual creation or go for a sheer and latex bodysuit and just walk the walk where ever you go.

Corsets – I love a corset and I am not surprised there is a corset come back since lingerie outerwear has been trending these last few years and what better way to enhance a silhouette. You will see this fashion extension shine through  styles of tops and dresses too. Whether you have an eye on a lace up style corset or a soft corset, either way, style them with skirts or trousers and you can’t go wrong. Even a vinyl corset which matches the above mentioned leather trend can be teamed up with a nice pair of trousers and you’ll be seeing plenty of trouser pants on the rails this year. If you mean business, then pairing some trousers with a corset is a powerful yet sensual look to go for. A waist cincher over a blouse matched with a suit will also create a stunning image. Create some romance with your corset for a dinner date or night out with friends. The ultimate Valentines lingerie made for you!

Corset and BodysuitJackets – in the form of roomy blazers and stemming from the business look, there will also be lots of big jackets on show this year and you will need something to wear underneath! If you’re going from boardroom to bedroom a bodysuit can make the perfect match for some post business attire for the one who is on the run with not much time in between work and play. However, if bodysuits are not your thing there are a variety of stylish bra tops suitable for lingerie outerwear which can be matched under a jacket. The choice is endless with this one.

Bra Tops – it is not surprising that this year your bra is meant to be seen! Whilst you may think luxury lingerie is a waste of money as it is only for under the clothes and not to be seen, then change that mind set and start creating great purchasing power with these luxury items that are capable of display and comfort. A fancy bra is this years’ best fashion buy and what better way to team up a semi corset style push up bra with a pair of Bermuda shorts. Even a jewelled bra with a sheer top makes a stylish combination. Choose one of the many bra tops to make your fashion statement. Perfect for daytime, night time or anytime!

Bermuda Shorts – yes they are back! What better way to team up your shorts with a satin camisole or lace vest. This style can be translated into casual, business or sophisticated and I believe this trend would be fun to style with your
lounge wear whether for a home look or luxury look it can be mix and match according to the mood. Just go for it and
use your cami sets for lingerie as outerwear fashion.

Bras and Cami TopsJumpsuits – where there is a jumpsuit there will be a need for a bra! Show off your luxury bras under this Seasons fashion statement when wearing an open top jumpsuit or simply choose the right style bra to wear under your garment. Whether you need a balconette bra for the off the shoulder look, a push up bra for the added cleavage or some breast lift tape for exposure (or not), there is a bra or non-bra to suit your style. Don’t forget to add the matching brief or thong to suit your needs as you may never know when the jumpsuit needs to come off!

Trench Coat – Just in time for Valentines! If you have something hot on your mind and want to surprise someone then at least you will not look out of place wearing your trench coat. You know what I have in mind? Oh yeah – who wishes for the date of their dreams to turn up wearing a trench coat with nothing but a full set of luxury lingerie and stockings underneath. That means bra, thong and garter belt with hosiery– the whole look under the style of coat of the Season. A perfect match for some steamy Valentines lingerie, makes a great start for a weekend.

Talking of weekends we cannot forget some essential items for the bedroom or hotel room. Whether you want to create a nice feeling at home or are off for a weekend away, there is nothing nicer than a satin or chiffon dressing gown to feel a little more sensual for that Valentines lingerie mood which, might I add, makes for easy and light packing. Match the dressing gown
with your babydoll, chemise, nightdress, cami sets and luxury lingerie, these all make for some good mix and
match items as nightwear or outer wear! Sometimes, spending that little bit extra really does make a difference.
Expand your wardrobe, wear the lingerie and don’t leave them folded in the drawers.

Lingerie, stockings & Dressing GownPolka dots – maybe you’ll be glad to hear that polka dots will be everywhere this year. Whether you want to sport a bit of retro or just after some sophistication you can turn your lingerie into fashion statements. My favourite retro look would be a corset styled with a 1950s polka dot circle skirt matched with a great vintage hairstyle and make up. If this is not your style, then some pure sophistication with some polka lingerie might just be for you instead.

Crochet – they will be everywhere this year and I predict by the Summer you will see crochet in everything, be it swimwear, vests and even knickers, there will be a crochet style for everyone. But what to do when you want that crochet item but still need some modesty? Team up your crochet with the perfect luxury lingerie and your modesty is protected combined with your fashion style. This is just another way to wear the right luxury lingerie under those must have see-through items.

Midi or Maxi skirts and Slit skirts – Oh yes the skirt is getting longer and they are here to stay which is great news for those looking for something a little more romantic. What a great a way to show off a body suit with a skirt. If you are going down the bra top fashion statement this year then you may also want to team up your lingerie with a slit skirt and stun the fashion police with your on trend look. This style would also make for great Valentines lingerie when out for the
day or on the town at night.

BodysuitsWhether you love Valentines or loathe it, we hope this article has cheered you up! You don’t need to be attached to someone to enjoy Valentines lingerie, change the mind set and wear that luxury lingerie for you or as a fashion statement. We hope our style ideas will help you get out of that box and use those saved up items which are stuffed in a drawer somewhere in the hope to entertain a special occasion. Say no more, that special occasion is you every day so get them out and enjoy the best of Valentines with your luxury lingerie no matter what you do or who you’re with.

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