Currently, MillieWonders ships and delivers to Cyprus, Greece and Greek Islands. Please contact us for additional countries.

Your item(s) will be delivered to you in a discreet package. Shipping times can vary depending on your shipment selection and/or availability through our suppliers. For example if you order products that are available to us via different suppliers you may receive your order in more than one package. However, you will be only be charged one shipping fee per order. Our cost will vary on your selected estimated delivery time and the number of items per order or the weight of your order.




3-4 days

Up to 7 working days

Up to 14 working days

€33.00 €12.00 per order

€8 per order


*The estimated delivery time for the benefit of the free shipping is up to 14 working days but no later than a maximum of 21 working days. Please note that different jurisdictions may have different shipping times.

The above shipping costs are an approximate price guide and the actual cost of shipping may vary depending on the weight of your selected items. The actual shipping cost will be calculated at the time you place your order during the checkout process.

Delivery time may also vary depending on the time you place your order and your delivery address, we reserve the right to process your order the following day if you submit an order after 12.00pm.

Expedite deliveries are only available for certain product items, therefore please contact us prior to placing your order to confirm whether this shipping rate is available for your order, to avoid any inconvenience.