Hello. I’m guessing you’re wondering who Millie is? Well, I’m no different than most of you but I can say that I am a hopeless romantic with a love for lingerie. I have struggled with my own lingerie needs from the time I discovered an array of choice but also as my body changed during my years from early adulthood, motherhood and maturity combined with the social perceptions pertaining to body image, confidence and sexuality issues. You can read more about my journey here. I have overcome stigmas of being a woman in modern society. I also hear the voices of those who do not identify themselves as I do. Whilst most may think of brands in terms of fashion items, some of us forget that we need our undergarments not only for comfort but to fit our bodies and in the right style and colour for our clothes. Have you ever been shopping and bought that new dress only to get home to realise you do not have the right style bra or panties to wear underneath? Have you ever gone away for the weekend with your partner and realised that it could have been a little more special had you thought out your nightwear? Lingerie is my passion and with my passion I aim to provide a positive experience towards a happy life whilst offering valued shopping in a discreet non offensive manner. Welcome to MilleWonders, the community building lover of lingerie.