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Gift Ideas for her when buying lingerie

Firstly, I just want to say a big thank you to all of you for following MillieWonders. I’ve noticed quite a few gentlemen who are interested to buy lingerie for their female partners, so I want to give something back as a way of appreciation for your support but also to help improve customer service. I know how incredibly hard it is to choose something so personal as a gift, but also in this day and age it can be hard receiving such a gift too, so I would only recommend it if you know the other person well. Here’s my top five list; Gift ideas for her when buying lingerie:

  1. Chemises or Babydolls

    are practically the same thing, the difference is that Chemises can be longer in length, but in simple terms they are desirable night dresses. Babydolls are normally more revealing of the derrière.  Choosing the size is easy as long as you know her dress size (you can check the label on her dress and also be sure to make note of which country the size is stated ) then, for example, this Chemise, you will see on the website page available sizes are S M L XL XXL– if you go to the size chart on the product page – you will find the measurements. So that’s the size sorted! Chemises and babydolls make a great gift idea for a birthday or anniversary if you can choose the colour/style she would wear. Keep it simple and classy if you’re worried about whether she may be offended and go for the more daring styles if you know she already wears them. You know her personality!

  2. Dressing Gown

    – it might sound boring but I am not talking about the towelling type of dressing gown. From my own personal opinion, there is nothing more precious than a luxury dressing gown made of silk, satin or lace. I could just lounge in one all day! This is the ultimate safe choice for any occasion such as a Christmas gift. Sizing is simple to understand if you know her dress size, if you’re stuck with an in between size you can always go one size larger with a dressing gown. That leaves you to choose the right length and colour. If you’re really generous, you can match it up with the nightdress or pyjamas. I like simple and classic styles so personally I would not be offended if someone special bought me this for an occasion. (Hint, hint! It’s my birthday soon!).

  3. Cami Sets

    – a girl can never have too many Cami Sets! In simple terms they are tops and bottoms sold as a set. There are different variations of available styles but in general they are the ultimate loungewear/sleepwear. It is also not uncommon to wear them as outerwear fashion, a combination of silk and lace can work wonders for evening wear. If you’re wondering about the styles, a Cami Set could be a simple cotton vest top and shorty style brief , something lacy and a little more sensual ,  something silky to sleep in (a personal favourite) or something more fashionable. As you see lots to choose from but again the majority of Cami Sets come in simple sizes such as small, medium and large which is a bonus when buying for a gift as you do not need to worry about bra size! Match her personality with the right style and she will sleep well at night. 

  4. Panty,

    there is something more personal about buying a panty as a gift and I would stay away if you fear getting a slap in the face for doing so. But on the plus side, we ladies can never have too many panties! So please take look at our beautiful gift sets.  I would save this gift choice for those persons who are in a stable relationship as the choice of panty style could get really heated. In general, you are buying a pair of sexy knickers and it should be a fun gift idea with a little added splash of boudoir romance! Again, sizing is simple if you know her dress size! All you need to know is whether she wears thongs or briefs.

  5. Stockings

    – there was once a time when this would be the ultimate gift to buy a woman! During World War 2 there was a huge shortage of stockings and if a woman was well dressed she would not be seen without them! Unfortunately, the material used to make the stockings had to be used for parachutes during war time. Therefore, it was a luxury to have a pair of stockings back then – and if you bought them as a gift? It was a BIG sign of appreciation. For this reason and because I am a romantic fool for old movies and the like, I love the idea of giving stockings as a gift.

These are my Gift Ideas for her when buying lingerie, I have chosen these as I believe they are items much needed for our wardrobes but they also appear to be gift for her rather than for your entertainment. I call them safe choices (especially if you are buying lingerie for the first time) which is one reason why I have not added lingerie sets here. They are in category of their own and I will blog some more on this so feel free to subscribe to the newsletter and be first to hear about our updates, special offers and promotions. I certainly cannot speak for every female but I can give you a little piece of my heart. If I came home from a tiring day and the house was clean, there was dinner ready, a bottle of wine chilling, candles lit and a small gift for me (kids with babysitter for those with kids)… That would be the most special thing anyone could do for me.



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